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    During a workshop that was held in Brussels in 2003, the European Union's Heads of Evaluation Taskforce agreed upon definitions for each C. In this section, these definitions are shown.

    The Community's competence in the field of development co-operation was only established in law by adoption of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. The Treaty created a constitutional basis for development co-operation policies, and formalises the existence of a European development policy functioning in liaison with those of Member States, while recognising their interdependence. It revolves in essence around aspects of the so-called "3Cs", while distinct concepts are also inter-related. However, the Treaty is not always clear or free from ambiguities.

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European Commission working paper: "EU Report on Policy Coherence for Development" News

European Commission working paper: "EU Report on Policy Coherence for Development"

The European Commission has adopted the European Union's first Report on Policy Coherence for Development (PCD).

From the EC press release:
"The European Commission has adopted today the European Union's first Report on Policy Coherence for Development (PCD). The Report highlights the interactions and complementarities between development policy and twelve other internal and external EU policies that have an impact on developing countries. PCD plays a central role in reinforcing the EU's contribution to developing countries' progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. The aim is to maximise the positive impact of these policies on partner countries and to avoid incoherencies. The overall conclusion is that the coherence between EU policies and the Development objectives has improved but more can be achieved. In 2005, the EU agreed to PCD commitments in 12 policy areas: trade; environment; climate change; security; agriculture; fisheries; social dimension of globalisation, employment and decent work; migration; research and innovation; information society; transport; and energy. The importance of PCD is reflected in the European Consensus on Development."

The report is based on Commission services' and Member States' contributions collected through a questionnaire sent in January 2007. Please click on the titles below to access the reports:

COMMISSION WORKING PAPER: "EU Report on Policy Coherence for Development" (Commission working paper, COM(2007) 545 final)

COMMISSION STAFF WORKING PAPER Accompanying the COMMISSION WORKING PAPER "EU Report on Policy Coherence for Development"

The report can also be accessed in French and German through the following link (under news item dated 21/09/07):